As founder, President, and Co-Owner, it is an honor to introduce First Dance Wedding Productions talented, creative, and energetic staff:

 Chinesa Brown, MBA, is a certified fitness and line dance instructor. She is an accomplished choreographer and her love for sultry latin dances was influenced by her childhood days growing up in Florida. On the dance floor, she is known as "Down-Town" Chinesa Brown. Chinesa, is Co-Owner and VP of Dance Productions and Marketing/Sales.

Monika Lamb, MBA, is also a certified fitness and line dance instructor. She uses her cultural experiences growing up in Louisiana to create a "spicy" mix to many of her dance routines. On the dance floor, Monika is known as the Cajun Diva. Monika is Co-Owner, CFO, and VP of Dance Productions.

The common thread that connects us all is that we love to dance! Therefore, we felt a need to revolutionized the way the traditional "first dance" at the wedding is performed.

We believe that the bride and groom's "first dance" should be a fun and creative dance routine enjoyed by all.

We'll even put it in our Video archives for you, your family, and friends to visit as often as you like. Enjoy the dance, Remember the Moment, and Share it with Others.


 Joseph Ray, Jr., Ph.D. Founder, President, & Co-Owner

Mission Statement: Enjoy the Dance, Remember the Moment, and Share it with Others.

Our Business

There is a little bit of "Dancing With the Stars" in all of us. Although we know that we'll never achieve this level of notoriety, we can, at least for the moment, fill the stage with our own version of Broadway.

As the Industry leader and Pioneer in choreographing "first dance" wedding productions for the bride, groom, and their wedding party, First Dance Wedding Productions is raising the bar in terms of how the traditional "first dance" is performed.

Our dance routines are easy, fun, and guaranteed to make the bride and groom beam with pride each time they play their "first dance" wedding video. Read what professionals in the field are saying about our us.

"Your Company is taking a traditional ceremony and reshaping it into fun activity." Jerome Brown, Pres. of Brown Remodeling "

"You Guys have created a Mini-Broadway production for the wedding party that is bound to be a hit at every wedding." Barbara Gibson, Pres. of Gibson's Travel Agency

"You have a class product here and wedding planners should be lined up at your door to get on board." Carletta Brown, Retired Teacher and Wedding Planner